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About John Snowden Coaching

I help people who, in some significant aspect of their work or personal life, find they are just not getting anywhere, who find that they are unable to solve their own problems. As a consequence they find themselves stuck, frustrated, possibly fearful and probably alone.

Above all, they want something to change; they want greater resourcefulness, resolution of a dilemma and/or an enhanced sense of possibility.

I help by providing an environment in which what can’t be changed becomes accepted, and then there is both support and challenge to take ownership of life, to identify and face up to whatever it is that can and must be changed, all with a sense of spontaneity and safe experimentation.In that environment, realisations occur, mind-sets shift and so to real world outcomes.

About John Snowden

My career over the last 30 years has been in chartered accountancy, serving individuals and businesses. I continue to run my accountancy practice in parallel with coaching work.

My professional development in coaching is ongoing. Having previously trained with leading coaching organisation Performance Consultants International, I was really excited early in 2018 to have been awarded a Master’s degree in Psychological Coaching. My next goal is accreditation by the International Coaching Federation.

How and where I coach

I can offer face to face coaching in Hook Norton or, if preferred, at your home or place of work. I can also now offer face to face coaching in Oxford. Coaching is also very successful, often, conducted on the telephone or Skype, saving time and travel costs.

Achieving lasting, real-world impact by taking the way you think and act to another level

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